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Brings you a complete solution for School to record the presence of student. This system is a complete high-end and computerized web based system. The specialty of this software is that it is accessible worldwide.

Smart Monitoring and Attendance System - Is a unique solution for school to manage attendance of students and communicating the same to parents. So that Parents are aware that there ward has reached school safely. The database is recorded automatically saving the time and manual work of School Admin.

Benefits for Parents

  • As every parent seems to be worried about the safety and security of the Child, Smart Monitoring Systems help Parents by giving them real time information when their child enters or leaves the school through SMS
  • System generates absent report by SMS.
  • Parents get routine informations, notifications and emergency alerts.
Benefits for School
  • School gets automated attendance system for children and employees.
  • School gets daily / monthly attendance register.
  • School gets daily absent report.
  • Less administration work for school.
  • Helps in improving student’s attendance ratio.
  • The System can be directly Plug into the Power Socket. There would be no need of computer and internet to run the hardware.
  • Easy to operate.

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Chawla Systems
Smart monitoring and attendance system is important service of Chawla System.